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usefulmain Services hiscook 20HZ Audio Security provides the following services:

  • Body re-modeling
  • Prototyping
  • Custom fabrication
  • Custom body kit design
  • Custom car audio
  • Custom interior and upholstery
  • DVD / Navigation systems
  • Security and remote starters
  • Wheels and tires
  • Custom paint
  • Suspension
  • Engine modifications
  • Polishing, chrome dipping
  • Powder coating

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souththing there fearskirt Prototyping Services – Taking Ideas into Production squaretry Below is a sample case study of how we take sketches of custom designed body kits into full prototypes.

measurethird The first stage is producing sketch designs by hand to show different themes and concepts.

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netstreet The designs are narrowed down, and the finalized ideas are sketched in colour. Here we can see more volume and surfacing of the chosen design.

inviteas there In this stage, the design is refined even further, before heading into 3D CAD.

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meatthick there At this stage, the design is created in 3D CAD, we can visualize the design from various angles by rotating the object. armcut

soupbranch The 3D CAD can be rendered in different finishes and materials to show the surface finish.

wehall here The design can be super-imposed onto photos to show how the end result will look like.


severalreal see The finalized design is created with CNC machinery with high detail and precision. The final product can be created in various materials, such as fibre glass, carbon fibre, etc.

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